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One Piece Chapter 875 is titled "Truth". No choice but to take pudding at face value this time around, because the straw hats literally have no other options. With katakuri waiting for them on the sunny, as well as a mirror linked to 10,000 of big mom's forces, something has to happen so big that it immediately requires all the big mom pirates' attention. Katakuri is determined to take on luffy, so big mom's hunger being appeased alone shouldn't be enough to deter him from his goal, or the other forces from allowing the sunny to leave their territory. Pudding can't wipe the memory of 10,000 people simultaneously or can she? If not, the only other thing that makes sense to me is that big mom does something extremely heinous to her family, and it requires all their attention. If pudding and chiffon make the cake, that doesn't absolve the straw hats of the chaos they caused. There is still the possiblity of sanji helping, and that perhaps endearing them to the bm pirates a little, but that still shouldn't forgive everything. Very excited to see how this all ends. Whatever happens, I just hope pudding is genuine, reiju is freed from judge, and the big mom pirates leave characters like kaya, nojiko, and the rest alone.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

One Piece 875 Scan - Page 01

Read One Piece 875 Pudding is just unpredictable, normal girl that fickle and hard to understand. The way she say it like this but do completely different thing is just like common girl. Remind me of my girlfriend. It completely fine for me, that one tsundere girl is. Just like any normal girl. I bet she wont make the cake, but planning to weaken big mom with the help of chiffon and firetank pirates. Maybe they will appear helping strawhat later fleeing from big mom and weakening big mom in progress and bege can have a 2nd shot at assasinate big mom! After that, given their knowledge in big mom territory will help strawhat again escape from whole cake island undetect from big mom crew. Read manga online in English. You can read free One Piece 875 Prediction and One Piece manga 875 online in English subtitle.

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One Piece 875 Chapter - 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20

Nami mangaged to bring zeus under her command. Kingbaum was fighting for the sake of his fiancé and got attacked by prometheus. In the meantime brûlée is waiting in her mirrorworld along with a tons of soldiers who are ready to go and katakuri himself is on the sunny. The situation looks extremely tough and an escape without a fight seems unavoidable. At the end pudding got to talk with chiffon. Chiffon said she wants to leave the island like lola. And we also got to know that pudding wants to stop mama in order to protect sanji and the others.Today has made big mom very relatable. I thought I was about to start eating people and screaming "One piece chapter" with this delay. Also, king baum probably had to propose to his lady tree when the whole country got wedding-crazy. Can't escape that discussion when every single thing in a 10 mile radius keeps bringing it up.

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